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The Civic Standard is a Vermont nonprofit and a registered 501(c)(3). Your donations support the costs of supplying and running a year-round calendar of local events, as well as keeping the lights on at our Main Street headquarters. We are committed to free and pay-what-you-want programming. 

Right now, we are specifically in need of carpentry help and support to improve the kitchen!

Use the links below or mail us a donation at:  P.O. Box 256, Hardwick, VT 05843. Thank you.




We welcome volunteers to help with setting up our new Main Street space, assisting with events and programs, and donating needed items. Email or sign up for our mailing list to get involved.

Here's some specific items and forms of help we need these days:


  • Bookshelf

  • Small work table

  • Standing lamps

  • Overhead lighting

  • Plates

  • Bowls

  • Utensils

  • fold-out couch

  • mini fridge


  • Cooking for events

  • Setting up and cleaning up for events

  • Carpentry help

  • Electrical help (changing lighting)

  • Help with kitchen improvements



We are supported by a variety of individuals and organizations.

Here's an ever-growing list of those who have donated their time and resources to help us grow:

Danielle Livellera

Mike Donofrio

Tobin Anderson

Lauren Antler

Kelly Nottermann

Annie Houston

Rylan Sirianni

Jeff Rhinehart

Rob Landry

Samuel Rheaume

Carlotta Hayes

Hannah Dreissigacker

Brandon Erny

Lucian Avery

Molly Brandt

Alex Utevsky

Andrew Meyer

Jody Fried

Ashton Allen

Phil Mercier

Nicolas Nicolet

Christina Sacalis
Mark Rowell

Nick Whites and Kaitlyn Alford

Ed Sunday-Winters 

David Perrigo

Shari Cornish

David Upson

Hilary Maynard

Brenda Menard

Micheal Stuart

Naomi Ranz

Reeve Basom

Lynn Delarichiliere

Janet Finegar

Jen Olsen

Susan Ritz

Helen Sher

Ezra Gorelick

Hayley Williams

Shawna Lucey

Denny Partridge

Beth Cate

Jack Sumberg

Mariel Hess

The Galaxy Bookshop

Anthony & Antoinette Colletti

Wayne & Mary Young

Mark Scott

Kristina Mchelsen

Paul Fixx

Gary Michaels

Perry Heller

Steve Gorelick

Suzanna Jones

Wiz Dow

Bailey Shephard

Raymond Small

Kristin Leahy

Butch Greaves

Ellen Bresler

Rachel Hellman

Terry Allen

Natashea Winters

The Civic Standard has received support from:

The Pleasants Fund

Hill Farmstead

Community Bank N.A.

The Vermont Community Foundation

 Vermont Humanities

The Greensboro Association

The Town of Hardwick

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