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Youth-Led Organizing

Here's a description of the recently formed Hardwick Skatepark Collective, written by Jasper & Dean.

What is the Hardwick Skatepark Collective?

The skatepark collective is a group that was recently formed for the sole purpose of getting a skatepark built in the town of Hardwick. We have weekly Wednesday meetings where we plan and problem solve. We have made some good progress and are eager to get this thing built! We are working on fundraising to raise as much money as we can. 


It’s a small town but the spirit of skateboarding is strong! There are many younger kids (and adults) that skateboard as well as others that bike, roller skate and more. You may see that the only place people have to skateboard in the town of Hardwick are the streets, this is not only a nuisance to drivers on the road, but highly unsafe. Having a skatepark in Hardwick would keep the skateboard community off the streets. A skatepark also provides a space for other sports like bikes, scooters and more, a recreational place is just what this town needs!


The collective currently consists of only a few members: Dean Burns, Jasper Regan, Sawyer Holmes, Fred Daniels, and Rose Friedman. We would love to have new members join, all you have to do is show up to the Civic at 3:30 on Tuesdays.


IMG_8741 3.HEIC
Hardwick Skatepark Collective


Every Tuesday, a group of young people get together at the Civic to play "Magic the Gathering", hosted by the Civic's program assistant Dean Burns. The game begins at 6pm, and new players are always welcome to join. Reach out with any questions.

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