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Change Your Life

We made an original live game show, and performed it it in the town's historic opera house. Below is the director's note explaining a bit more about how the idea developed.

Welcome to the CIVIC THEATER PROJECT’s newest production, “Change Your Life”. This started with a germ of an idea: Let’s make a game show. Original and about our own town. Funny, and moving. With real prizes, real stakes. 

We gathered a small team of writers and comedy minds, who met every week through the deep winter months at the Civic Standard’s home on Main Street, to invent original games and devise the theatrical outline and characters. We thought a lot about the game shows we grew up watching on TV. We tried to make each other laugh. We talked about local history and chickens. We discussed the mechanics of gameplay, and struggled with the technical challenges of live theater on a budget.

We recruited more people to help us bring the idea to life. You might recognize cast members from the Garage of Doom, the haunted house we built into the old Brochu garage this past Halloween– or from Developed to Death, the murder mystery show we staged at the Legion last spring– or maybe you’ve seen some of them working at the school or at the grocery store . . .

This is the first CIVIC STANDARD event to take place in the historic Town House. If this is your first time here, welcome!– ain’t she grand? We try to put every show, dance, concert, and meal into the place in town that is best suited to the occasion (or the most unexpected or unlikely or experimental). We are here tonight for the history, the great acoustics, the beautiful painted curtain, and because there are enough seats for everybody!

Civic Theater is about us, by us, and for us. Thank you for being part of it.



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