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“I love this half-a-Main Street town . . . ” 

~ Developed to Death


Dear Friends and Supporters,


When we created the Civic Standard, we dreamed of building a social life for our town, a place where people could meet and plan and find unlikely friendships. In just over a year, the Civic Standard is proud to have become an integrated and valued part of the Hardwick community. Thank you for all the many ways you’ve supported us thus far– whether you volunteered, attended an event, or made a donation.


From weekly meals to large scale theater productions; from a prom dress swap to trivia night; from karaoke to opera; from haiku to a haunted house—we have offered programs we hope are intimate, inclusive, transformative, grand, wildly creative, and responsive to the community’s interests and needs. Our steady presence is the reason we were the first organization the town turned to in July when facing a 100 year flood. The Civic set up the town’s emergency shelter; the Civic managed volunteer clean-up crews and dumpsters all around town; the Civic produced regular community meals for people in need, and the Civic was trusted with funding to allocate for flood relief. 


We consider all our programs to be of equal importance, whether it is serving cupcakes on the first day of school or setting up a shelter the night of the flood– we view community as a practice.


There are many dozens of volunteers who have made this work possible over the last year– actors, cooks, builders, painters– each contributing skills and time to collaborative efforts and projects. With an open door on Main Street, we have been stunned at the number and variety of individuals who walk in to offer support or just to chat. 


We hope you have felt the transformative effects of the Civic over the last year and that you will consider donating a gift, large or small, to help us continue our work over the next year. With your help, we can continue to foster connection, curiosity, and civic pride in our corner of Vermont. 


If you would like to consider supporting us with a tax-deductible donation, we would be extremely grateful. You can donate online by clicking here, mail a check to: Box 256, Hardwick, VT 05834, or just stop in and see us.


Thank you,

Rose & Tara

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