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The Civic Standard is a nonprofit organization headquartered on Main Street in Hardwick, Vermont.

We are a grand social experiment rooted in a small town, an effort in collaborative fun-making and culture-building, an art project, a church of theater, a free supper club, and a public living room for cozy conversations.

We are listening to our town, and always trying to reflect it back on itself.​


We are starting to build the next big show, which will premiere at the Hardwick Town House in May.

We have free supper here at the Civic every Wednesday at 5:30pm.
There are lots of ongoing events-- trivia, mending, old-time music gatherings, karaoke, and honky-tonk dances-- which you can read about on our UPCOMING page.

You can find us here at 42 S. Main St during our weekly open hours:
Monday 10-3
Tuesday 10-3
Wednesday 3-7
Thursday 12-5

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